Our Luxury Villa in the South of Sri Lanka

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Luxury Villa in Southern Sri Lanka

Travelling to our Sri Lankan villa

South Point Villa in Sri LankaSri Lanka may not be known for its luxury villas but let me tell you we really hit the jackpot with this one. It's day 7 of our Sri Lankan adventure and we're really looking forward to relaxing on beach one of Sri Lanka's best coastal areas, near Galle. We're leaving the jungle with some sadness. It's been the most amazing experience of our lives and the children just can't stop talking about it. But we've come to the end of the travelling part of our holiday and are now set of the sun, the beach and our Sri Lankan villa.

So we say fond farewells to Noel, Jerome and all the team at leopard safaris and rejoin Chris as we set off for the southern coast of Sri Lanka. As with any journey in Sri Lanka the going is very slow. This is despite at one point moving from the normal, bumpy, pot holed road to a smart new road that looks to have new tarmac. Apparently the Sri Lankan president lives in these parts and had the road re-laid especially!

Fortunately our jungle adventures have tired the children out and they sleep most of the way (in fact I have to admit that we did too!). So it feels a relatively short time before we driving along the road along the sourthern tip of Sri Lanka, towards Galle. We're not going quite as far as Galle, our villa is situated in a small Sri Lankan village called Kathaluwa, just a few miles east of Galle.

South Point Villa - Our Luxury Sri Lankan Villa

It probably sounds a bit corny to say that South Point Villa was everything we could have wished for but it really was. Its great when you find a villa that surpasses all your expectations and this did! From the roadway you wouldn't credit it as a luxury villa, you probably wouldn't even notice it at all but we turn into the small driveway and immediately many hand are helping us and our luggage out of the van. The staff at the villa are so friendly and welcome us. There is Pravad, the house boy, Preema, the maid and Samantha, the Chef. These three will be our companions for the next few days at South Point Villa.

Our bedroom in our Luxury Sri Lanka villaThe Villa itself is amazing. Coming through to the front of the villa which looks out directly on to Sri Lanka's Indian Ocean beaches (in fact they are barely 20m from the veranda!) we find 3 decadent rooms. All the rooms have queen size 4 poster beds with their own ensuite facilities. The master bedroom has a large ensuite bathroom with his and hers sinks. The centre of South Point Villa is a large reception area with large french windows that open out onto a covered veranda. On one side of the veranda is a dining table and chairs, on the other a lounge area.

The Garden and the beach at our Luxury Villa in Sri Lanka.

The villa's garden opens right onto the beach in Sri LankaThe garden is large, running about 20 metres down to a wall with steps that lead directly onto a small stretch of beach. The beach is one end of a large cove and there is a ring of coral surrounding the bay which, according to the owner, largely protected the villa from the Tsunami in 2004 (although the photos in the album show that the water did run right into the villa it was no where near as bad as further along the coast). There are loungers in the garden and a small rectangular swimming pool which is just the right size for swimming, or if you are our children, playing diving competitions.

The Sri Lankan Food at South Point Villa

I won't bore you with the many relaxing days that we had at this villa but the food is definitely worth a mention. All the food we ate was made to order. There was a great menu available but the real treat was that our Chef, Samantha would come out after breakfast and dinner and talk to us about what we wanted. To begin with he would recommend things from the menu but as we got to know him he would start to add things that weren't on the menu. The children in particular thought this was excellent, especially when, after dinner one night he was asking about breakfast. We had said, Yes to fresh fruit (wow a real treat with the range of fruit - we fell in love with guava!) and to curry (nothing like a mild curry in the morning in Sri lanka). But Samantha turns to the children and says - I can cook you doughnuts if you want? Or Apple turnovers! Instant popularity!

Freshly caught lobsters in our luxury sri lanka villaWe're not big seafood eaters and there was plenty for us carnivores. But we did decide to invest in some lobster. This was a definite success. They were fantastic but the treat was even better because they were freshly caught (to order!) and the colour of their shells was beautiful. Only one slightly embarrassing moment when they decided, completely of their own accord to provide sprats, freshly caught right at the bottom of our garden. We all tried them but really couldn't eat them (just not our thing) but at this point Tom came into his own. He was only 6 at the time but turned out to have a taste for fish - he ate practically the whole lot.