Visiting the Turtles on our way back to Colombo

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From our villa in southern Sri Lanka back to Colombo

Last night in South Point Villa

Our stay in South Point Villa had been more than we could have wished for; beautiful, relaxing, hot, good food and good company. Kate with the South Point maid preema in Sri LankaWe'd made real friends with both the staff at the villa, Sharmini the owner and with the fantastic children of the pre-school nursery of Little Holland. Our last night was no less magical, if a little unexpected. As we sat down for dinner Pravad the house boy came into the room and explained that the owners had arranged for a seranade so we spent our last night listening to the dulcet tones of the singer, with his traditional guitar.

Our cash machine nightmare

The next morning we had came back to reality with a bump. I started this journey with mainly sterling, changing some along the way but paying credit card wherever I could. Unfortunately I hadn't checked with South Point Villa about taking credit card - they don't. Not a problem, I thought as there are cash point machines all around and I had deliberately brought several cards to overcome the £250 per day limit in such an emergency.

Chris came to collect us and he kindly drove me to the nearest ATM. Unfortunately however the card company would not release the funds. When I returned home I discovered that if I had been paying at a shop there would have been no issue and if I had called them when taking the cash out again there would have been no problem - they just wanted to confirm my identity. But as the cashpoint gave no indication of the reason for the decline, I came away empty handed.

An embarrassing moment as I explained the situation to the manager at the villa. Fortunately she was very accomodating, I paid all I could in cash (keeping a little for our driver's tip and sundry expenses on our way back to Colombo) and we arranged for me to transfer the rest by internet banking when I returned home.

Turtle Hatchery

baby turtle near Galle Sri LankaWith our cash somewhat depleted we set out for Colombo but had an important stop along the way. There are many turtle hatcheries along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Turtles are endangered species around the world and their eggs are easy prey as they bury them in the sand on the beach. The hatchery was a fantastic place for the children to learn about turtles. We saw turtles of many different ages and size and the children were even aloud to gently hold some of them. This was great and the children came away with a deep respect and love for these graceful creatures.

Arriving in Colombo

The journey to Colombo was long, as all journeys in Sri Lanka are because of the roads. It was made longer by the fact that it was our penultimate day. It felt as though there was an invisible magnet trying to hold us back but we eventually arrived in Colombo at our final hotel - the famous Galle Face Hotel. to be continued!