Flying with a family to Sri Lanka

My family travelled to Sri Lanka & this site tells our first hand experiences.

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Flying to Sri Lanka with as a family

The journey to Sri Lanka takes around 9 hours flying direct from the UK but for the cost of 5 people on the direct flight with Sri Lankan Airlines was very expensive (more than £1000 more than we eventually paid flying via Doha). You may feel that a flight of this long is a drag at the beginning and end of a holiday but the children generally feel this is one of the most exciting parts of the holiday!

It is also an anxious time as Tom is not a good traveller. He is often travel-sick, especially if he’s not eaten or is very tired. Lisa has tried all manner of different techniques in the past and this time she’s bought travel sickness wrist bands. Don’t know how they’re supposed to work or not....they don't and he's sick on the plane!

I’ve already pointed out some of the difficulties of travelling with three children but one advantage is baggage limits. All children get the full baggage limit and are entitled to a piece of hand luggage each. Qatar’s limit is 20kg each and hand luggage up to 50cm tall (which strangely is smaller than the official size restriction). So the children are loaded up we a large backpack each and a medium/large case – we’ve got plenty of space going out and critically (in Lisa’s mind) plenty of space for souvenirs coming back!

The flight time is 14.30 on Sunday afternoon which gives us plenty of time to get to the airport. Lisa hates to be late anywhere so we end up taking a taxi at 10.00 for the 1 hour trip to Heathrow terminal 3. As a result we arrive 3½ hours early.

Flying to Sri Lanka with Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways are fantastic and as we queue for check-in, a friendly air steward greets us and chats to the children. When he finds out that we’re travelling to Sri Lanka he exclaims that he is Sri Lankan. This made us feel very good – it was our first experience of what we quickly found was a very friendly people.

Checking in went well and after a little confusion about seating arrangements we get seats together (a group of two search for the girls and a group of three for the boys). Our early Arrival means that we get to have a leisurely lunch and means that we’re all happy and excited as we board the Qatar Airways Airbus. We’ve got a 5 hour trip to Doha International Airways, a 50 minute connection and then a further 7 hour flight to Columbo in Sri Lanka.

The aeroplane was great. It had a video on demand service and games console which meant the children were constantly amused and hardly used any of the games we’d brought along for them. Qatar Airways staff was friendly and there was plenty to eat. The transfer at Doha is a bit of a rush with airport staff shouting "Colombo this way" and ushering us to the next gate. But other than that (and Tom's travel sickness), we make it safe and sound to Colombo.