The Little Holland Pre-School charity in Sri Lanka

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The Little Holland Pre-School charity in Sri Lanka

The effects of the Tsunami on Sri Lanka's southern coast

We hadn't intended to include a visit to a Sri Lankan charity as part of our holiday in Sri Lanka but we are so glad that we did! We were staying in the luxury of South Point Villa on the southern tip of Sri Lanka and while the tsunami of 2004 was not high in our thoughts it had made an impression on us. As you drive along the coast road, you can't escape some of the lasting impressions that the tsunami left. For monuments along the sea-line to areas of the coast wiped clean of buildings. South Point Villa itself has a photograph album showing the heights the waters rose to even though it was somewhat protected from the wave by the coral reef that encloses the bay.

The pre-school nursery charity

While staying at South Point Villa we were invited by the owner, Sharmini to dinner. She was staying at one of the neighouring villas. We were a little nervous, not knowing what to expect, but we've discovered that Sri Lankan people are generally friendly so we accepted - and we're so glad we did.

Over dinner, Sharmini told us about her charitable works trying to help the community recover from the effects of the Tsunami. One of these projects was opening a pre-school for children of one parent families or children of very poor families. The profits from the villa we were staying in goes towards the upkeep of the school and she invited us to come and visit.

The Little Holland pre-school charity is right across the road from the villa and Samantha our chef, who also teaches older children to cook in the school, walked us across the next day. We walked through the school, seeing a class for older children and on towards the back of the buildings where there is a small but neat building, with no windows. This is where the pre-school meets.

We were met my the most friendly children you could hope to meet. As we walked in they were all colouring quietly at their tables. The colouring was excellent! After this they sang songs for us and Lisa and the children taught them some English nursery rhymes - Incy Wincy Spider and the hokey kokey! All caught on camera!

The children were very excited to see us and we spent a very happy couple of hours playing with them and talking to them. One of their favorite games become performing for the video camera. They would dance and sing in front of it and then rush to the camera to see themselves played back! The wonder and excitement was incredible.

We fell in love with the children, the staff and the charity and definitely intend to help them raise further money to support the children as they grow up and to secure the future of the school.